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need it this stressful life


What the heck goes on inside his head i mean really

hell yeah

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Before you get into the driver’s seat use #X to pause your conversation until you arrive.
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"She tastes like every dark thought I’ve ever had."

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i find myself sitting here in solitude, thinking. For me, thinking is like a tree. It branches out it so many direction with no control of my own. love, money, life goals, education, sex, my future, family, friends.

Most of the time you cant choose the images in your head, but sometimes you can, especially if it’s love.

Honestly, who really knows about love, thought. Everyone have their own interpretion of it. I think we all can agree on the feeling; like you can see a future with someone, but some nights you feel the hope is lost. jealousy grows quicker than normal and your emotions my take the best of you. You also may randomly think,”you know what, i can do better and so can they. so whats the point in this.”

the point is is that you have a stronger sense of affection that you haven’t had for any other person in your path.

You may feel a sense of doubt everyone once and a while, but thats normal..

 seriously, i promise it is.

And perhaps some other things will get in the way; Educations, family, friends, or maybe even another person who have caught your eye at some point.

trust me, it happens to everyone…

But always remember that the choices you end up making should be because of YOUR FEELINGS. Not another person.

**the strongest love you can have is the love for yourself. Physical and mental health are extremely important for successful and fulfilling life.**